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Support for digital transformation

Over ten years of expertise

The INNOVACALL network of experts is at your service to meet the most ambitious challenges you face.

We adapt to your practices so that our intervention is as discreet as possible in order to favor the quality of human relations with the teams in which we work.


Our specialty is the modernization of old end-of-life systems. We give them a few more years to live, the time to take the necessary measures to replace them.

IT Projet support

Enterprise architecture, solution architecture

We help you make the right technological choices by taking into account the nature, skills and maturity of the teams in place and assist you, if necessary, in recruiting their future members.


Enterprise architecture is a multi-dimensional job.


Architects must be able to have a vision of the future of the information system he works on.

They also must involves projects actors in their architecture vision.

The TOGAF Framework is not a solution, it will never replace the intelligence of the architect. It provides a set of tools and methodologies to change vision to reality.

INNOVACALL has chosen this Framework as well as the Modelio (Open Source) tool to best meet your needs in this area.


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